Students in my riding program Students in my riding program Camp student hugging Black Jack 154271749 Grooming Station. Camp kids petting and grooming Black Jack. 154271750 Black Jack showing the kids some love. All our horses at Show Class Stables are very safe, well trained and love kids. 154271751 Me giving some pointers to one of my students before our group trail ride. 154271752 15 yr old Show Class Stables Barrel Student This is Shae running Jazz at Davie Rodeo Arena. 169759620 Shae coming into the first barrel.. 169759621 169759622 Shae coming off the second barrel. Shae has come along way in my riding program. I have been training her sense before she could barrel race. Good form Shae!! 169759623 169759624 Shae running home off the third barrel on Jazz! 169759625 169759626 169759627 6 yr old Barrel Student. McKenzie taking a lesson on my barrel mare Marley. 199971460 199971461 199971462 199971463 Field Trip to Show Class Stables. 199971464 Sophia taking an English lesson on Blackjack. 199971465 199971466 Painted Themed Birthday Party. Threw a birthday party for my student Sophia. Her and her friends painted the horses. Blackjack was such a good boy. 199971467 Wolf Lake 2015 199971468 Wolf Lake 2015 Took some of my students for a fun day at Wolf Lake to swim with the horses. Come join the fun at Show Class Stables! 199971469 Wolf Lake 2015 199971470 English Lesson on Marley. Giving a English lesson on my mare Marley. She barrel races and jumps! She is a great lesson and competition horse. 199971471 199971472 199971473 199971474 Barrel student Sam practicing her roll backs. 199971475 Painted Themed photo Shoot. 199971476 Student Madison jumping Marley all painted for the photo shoot. 199971477 199971478 14 yr old Barrel Student Madison. Barrel Lesson on Marley. 199971555 Barrel Student Sam. Student Sam competing at Davie rodeo. This is both a student and horse I taught how to barrel race. Cocoa is a 10 yr old off the track Thoroughbred who showed true potential in becoming a barrel horse. These 2 make a great team! 199971556 Running home from the 3rd barrel! Davie Rodeo! 199971557