Horses in Competition and undergoing Training Horses in Competition and undergoing Training Trainer- Gina on Luna Luna is a 4yr old mare going through Barrel Training. This run was her first time running at a rodeo. 154173549 154173550 Trainer- Gina on Sunny Sunny is a 3 yr old race horse I am training and conditioning for the race track. 154173552 Trainer- Gina on Black Jack Black Jack came to me as a 5 yr old that was barely broke and was abused. This is him under saddle with me for only a week. I trained this horse for jumping. 154173553 154173554 Gina on Sunny 154173555 Trainer- Gina breezing Sunny. 154173556 Trainer- Gina on Tsunami Schooling my 3yr old Stallion. I broke and trained him. He does a little bit of everything. I am currently training him on the barrels. He runs a nice pattern. He is also up for stud and or for sale. Freckles Playboy, Peppy San Badger and Doc O`lena bread. 154173557 Gina on Tsunami 154173558 Trainer- Gina on Luna Here is Luna advancing in her speed and turn on the barrel. When I first started working with this mare, she turned like a boat and did not want to give me any speed. Now she is turning on a dime and rating herself beautifuly and giving me more speed everytime. She will easly make a 1D mare soon. She ran a 15,8 that night. 154173559 154173560 Gina on Luna 154173561 Trainer- Gina schooling Tsunami 154173562 154173563 Gina on Tsunami Working on his head set. 154173564 Trainer- Gina and Ali This is my other 3yr old. He is another one i broke and trained. Poco bread. Working on him for AQHA shows. 154173565 Gina and Ali 154173566 169764106 Hauling butt home on King at a Jackpot in Davie Florida. 169764107 169764108 Trainer- Gina Warren on Horse King Coming off the second barrel at Davie Rodeo Arena. 169764109 169764110 Horse in training (King) 169764111 169764112 Running King home off the third barrel!! Ran a 16.... 169764113 169764114 169764116 169764117 Me running King at Davie Rodeo Arena This horse is a amazing horse. He was a cutting horse, then a roping horse and I have been training him on the barrels. This horse loves to do it all and he is good at it.! FOR SALE $4,500 and papered well. 169764118 169764119 MARLEY Marley when I first started training her on the barrels as a 3 yr old. 199971414 MARLEY Marley as a 5 yr old. Running her in NBHA. Rodeo in Okeechobee. Solid 2D mare. 199971415 SPURS. This is my 2 yr old being broke. doing round pen work on him. Will post more pictures of his progress soon. He is 3 now and is coming a long so nice! 199971773 BELLA. 199971774 Western horse gone English. This is Bella. A horse I am training for a boarder of mine. Bella use to do only Western but the owner wanted me to turn her into a English horse. She is jumping now and has made great progress! 199971775 199971776 Giving to the bit beautifully! This mare use to throw her head and carry her head high. Here is a picture of her collecting and giving to the bit. She is doing much better now. No more head throwing. 199971777 SATIN. Schooling Satin. Getting her back in shape and ready for the shows. 199971778 SATIN. 199971779 199971780 199971781